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1. 对于服装化妆品类的奢侈品, 你会非常忠诚于某一品牌吗?
Do you have brand loyalty to costume/cosmetic luxury brands?
2. Zac Posen是纽约当红的独立年轻设计师, 20岁的时候因为给美国超模 Naomi Campbell 设计服装而一下走红,成为美国时尚圈的红人. 因为没有依附大的奢侈品牌, 所以在中国听过他的人只有20%左右. 其实此类设计师在美国和欧洲都有一些. 如果在中国能买到他们设计的奢侈品, 并且是比较低的折扣价, 你会考虑买吗?
Zac Posen is among the hottest independent designers in NYC.He became well-knowen because he designed clothes for super model Naomi Campell when he was 20 years old. Not from most famous luxury brands, Zac is not known well by Chinese people. Actually, there are many such kind of independent designers in US and Europe.If you can buy their luxury products in China with big discount,will you consider buying?
通过互联网渠道了解到设计师是很有名的奢侈品设计师, 会买(Will buy if I knew that the designers are famour luxury designers through internet or friends)
觉得市面上奢侈品假货太多了, n多人背着假LV, 喜欢这种特别的奢侈品牌, 所以会买(Will buy because there are so many fake luxury products in the market. I love special things)
比较看重质量而不是奢侈品的牌子多响亮, 所以不确定(Quality is more important to me than luxury brands, so I am not sure)
不是我所知晓的像LV,chanel这样的大牌子, 不会买(I will not buy because thoese brands are not as famous as brands such as Chanel)
很容易受朋友的影响, 如果他们买, 我就会买(Easily influenced by friends. So if they buy, I will buy)
3. 奢侈品种类繁多, 你最愿意花钱的是哪种?(多选)
There are so many kinds of luxury products. Which will you spend your money on?(multiple choice)
服装鞋子 Costume&Shoes
首饰手表 Jewlery&Watches
包包 Bags
化妆品 Cosmetics
车子 Cars

4. 在购买奢侈品的时候, 以下因素哪个对你影响最大?(1-5) 影响最大的请选1, 影响最小的的选5
Which elements influenc you most when buying luxury products?(1-5)The most is 1, the least is 5.
价格 Price
质量 Quality
品牌 Brand
款式 Style
广告 Advertisement
5. 现在如果有一个权威网站你可以购买到像Zac Posen这样设计师的奢侈品, 并且用比较低的折扣(省去开店费用), 你会在网上购买吗?
If there is such a site where you can buy Zac Posen' stuff online and with a big discount, will you buy online?
6. 你对下列有兴趣吗?
Are you interested in below?
非常有兴趣 Very interested 有兴趣 Interested 普通 Ok 没兴趣 Not interested 很没兴趣 Not interested at all
如果现在中国有这样一个奢侈品网站, 而且上面的会员都是有能力购买奢侈品的人群, 你会有兴趣加入吗?(There is such a luxury site in China, and with a lot of members who have the ability to buy luxury products. Will you be interested in joining?)
这个网站会提供很多看奢侈品时装秀的机会, 只有会员才有资格去看, 你会很感兴趣吗?(The site provides opportunities to watch luxury fashion show, and only members can go. Are you interested in this?)
7. 我告诉你就要有这样一个网站上线了, 需要我通知你吗?
Do you need me to inform you if such a site opens?
8. 现在很多奢侈品牌可以提供网上购物. 如果你需要在网上购买奢侈品, 你会更喜欢像chanel等大牌奢侈品网站(全黑底的简洁页面设计, 还是更偏向中国现在最大的B2C淘宝的那种页面商品极其丰富, 眼花缭乱的设计风格?
There are many luxury brand sites provide the service to shop online. If you need to buy luxury products online,do you like big luxury brands such as CHANEL's site( more or do you like the biggest B2C site in China taobao'site(a lot of products arranged in a mess style) more?
CHANEL风格 Chanel style
淘宝风格 Taobao style
其他 Others
9. 不同的场合应该穿着不同类型的衣服, 你平时会注意分场合穿衣服吗? 比如婚礼穿小礼服, 去健身房穿运动装, 去朋友家参加派对穿稍微正式的衣服. 你会注意这些吗?
Different occasions need different clothers. Do you care about wearing different clothes on different occasions? For example, you will wear dress when attending wedding, wear sports when going to gym, and wear more formal when go to friends' home party?
非常注意 Care it very much
注意 Care
不太注意 Do not care
不注意 Do not care at all
从来没想过 Never think about that
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